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AWS Labs has a lot of open source code up on GitHub. This repo helps you visualize your AWS workloads and highlight areas of cost.


AWS Labs has a lot of open source code up on GitHub. In this post, we’re taking a look at AWS Data Wrangler. This project provides a smoother interface between pandas DataFrames and various AWS Cloud data services.

I call out a few more details in the Twitter thread below…

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to wrap up the week, let's look a Smithy, from @awscloud Labs this project "defines and generates clients, services, and documentation for any protocol" which is a big claim let's see what's actually here... 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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read this thread unrolled at the previous thread is up at 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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the full docs site (, clarifies the goal, "A language for defining services and SDKs" ok, so this is DSL-type project. the 4 main features: - protocol-agnostic - codify & enforce API governance - designed to evolve - resource based 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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the FAQ calls out that this project has been used inside Amazon & @awscloud for over a decade (that's a good sign) the project uses the term IDL or interface description not quite a DSL 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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this is not a project that you are going to implement (most likely). but it is a fascinating project to learn from AWS uses Smithy to describe their services, metadata, and capabilities in a programmatic way 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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describing these systems in a machine reading format opens up a host of new possibilities like automated policy enforcement, service validate, compatibility checking, and a lot more 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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this example description from the docs really drives the point home. look πŸ‘‡ at how much clearer the Smithy description is vs. a more common JSON structure 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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in Smithy, services have: - resources - operations - shapes resources & operations are straightforward but the "shape" concept deserves a closer look 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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according to the docs, a "shape" is an instance of a type and it has "traits" shapes can be simple, aggregate, or a service 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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using these constructs together, you can accurately describe your service in a clear and simple manner here's a complete example from the docs: 🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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if you're building out a distributed system, the Smithy project is worth exploring. there's a lot of great ideas here and you might be able to leverage the project for your work at the very least, you'll learn a lot about IDLs from @awscloud's experience /🧡☁️ #cloud #devops

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