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These Real Apps On Google Play Are Harvesting Facebook Logins

Several apps were removed from the Google Play Store after it was discovered that they were harvesting credentials from the Facebook log in process.

The really sneaky part? Other than stealing your log in, these apps worked!

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Researchers discovered a number of apps in the Google Play store that were harvesting Facebook logins from users. Now removed from the store, these apps actually worked as advertised.

[00:00:08] They process photos, they delivered your horoscope, they cleaned up your device. and more. Now like most apps they were ad driven. If you wanted to remove the ads, you simply had to log into Facebook.

But behind the scenes, that login process was intercepted, giving criminals full access to your social media account.

[00:00:24] But in fairness, it did also remove the ads.

Now, this is a good reminder to check what your Facebook account is connected to.

In the app, go to Settings and Privacy, then Settings, scroll down to find Apps and Websites.

[00:00:35] Then remove any unknown or unwanted apps.

Criminals can monetize any information about you. Be careful where you connect your key social accounts and review those connections regularly.