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Will Windows 11 Helps Advance PC Security?

Microsoft recently announce Windows 11 and it looks like it’ll bring the venerable operating system into the modern age. A refreshed look, tight integrations, and a lot of updates under the hood.

One of those updates may stall adoption though. Learn more in this short…


Microsoft recently announced Windows 11 and it looks fantastic.

It’s weird, but it’s actually true.

Now this free update will be available to users later this year. But unlike previous years, when the question was, “Would your PC be powerful enough to run the new version?”, this year is a bit different.

[00:00:17] Windows 11 will require a Trusted Platform Module or TPM on all PCs.

This is a standardized security component that helps create and protect sensitive types of information like encryption keys, your fingerprints, and more.

[00:00:31] Now for years, Windows has had amazing backwards compatibility.

The cost? Widespread adoption of some critical security controls has fallen behind where it should be.

Now with Windows 11, Microsoft’s putting the foot down and they’re requiring the ecosystem to push forward with modern security concepts that will help protect users.

[00:00:48] Frustrating? Yes.

Needed? Absolutely.