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Adam Selipsky Keynote Play-by-play

Adam Selipsky Keynote Play-by-play

At re:Invent or attending remotely? Check out my “Ultimate Guide to AWS re:Invent 2022” post for some tips and tricks to get the most out of the show.

AWS re:Invent 2022 is truly rolling now. CEO Adam Selipsky gave a fantastic keynote that covered a number of service launches, new features, and great customer stories. I live tweeted the keynote providing my reaction to each segment πŸ‘‡.

Twitter Thread 🧡

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here we go! @aselipsky up for today’s @awscloud #reinvent keynote…


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@aselipsky takes the stage to Sweet Child of Mine 🎸🎡


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50K in person, ~300K remote attendees


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tons of stuff on tap this week. lots of great customer stories too

@aselipsky highlights a few, short customer highlights


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β€œCan’t go to the cloud? Bβ€”s**t” …I’m paraphrasing @aselipsky here πŸ˜‰


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83% of the 1,000 πŸ¦„β€™s are running in @awscloud. similar number of the cloud top 100!


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@aselipsky hits some of the high notes for @awscloud’s efforts around sustainability. it’s the top problem of our time

more on those efforts at


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you can include sustainability in your practice by using the @awscloud Well-Architected Framework. the sustainability pillar helps you make decisions that better align with sustainability goals

more at


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btw, @QuinnyPig is also live tweeting this (I think). his 🧡 starts at


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@aselipsky listing out a bunch of key innovation stories

building the cloud success story…remember it’s not all (or even primarily) about the tech, but how you use it


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you can run @awscloud like a 1990’s data center. that’s ridiculous but you COULD do it

please don’t


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if you realize that the structure of the @awscloud technologies allows you to change how you build and run your business, you really start to see huge gains

you can create unique solutions that get you closer to your goals

…that’s why I’m so up on cloud


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back to @aselipsky, we’re going to space now!


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@awscloud Ground Station 2.0? maybe we’ll finally get the `sol-orbit-1` region? 🀣


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back to the actual talk, we’re looking at space through the lens of a data problem. tons of amazing stuff to dig into here


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looking at images of the β€œpillars of creation” with images from the JWST

amazing piece on JWST from @shannonmstirone via @nytimes:


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lots of space science and exploration happening right now…

[ side note: I need to focus and not nerd out on space now ]


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@aselipsky brings the story back to the main point: we are gathering and creating more data than ever

we need scalable, modern tools to manage that data and gain insights from it


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Exploring the vast data realm, you need:
  • right tools
  • integration
  • governance
  • insights


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digging into tools now…

there are aβ€”umβ€”few on @awscloud πŸ˜‰


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@awscloud Aurora continues to grow:

my only gripe: confusing naming in the β€œsub” services within Aurora…otherwise, it’s amazing


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a ton of analytics services to match those data store options


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Redshift keeps growing. last year, @aselipsky announced the #serverless option for it

more on that at


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OpenSearch #serverless

  • now in preview
  • rounds out the analytics services offerings, all now how server less options!


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now on to AI/ML 🧠


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pay attention to the layers here. stay up top as long as possible. then to @awscloud SageMaker (it’s a whole environment & ecosystem at this point)

very rarely enter the dungeon of the low level layer!


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some customer highlights for Amazon SageMaker

more details on SageMaker at

tons to learn there


Tweet 28/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

remember, SageMaker Studio Lab is a free service to help learn & experiment with the service(s)

more at:


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first customer speaker up now

Biljana Kaitović (@biljkai) from @ENGIEgroup


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tl:dr so far, we’re using a ton of energy. we need to make sure it’s sustainable


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@biljkai ties the energy sustainability issue back to a data problem

would love to see more details on these solutions. there was a talk two years ago (?) from a California utility on how they used drones & AI to detect line issues in the system, super interesting


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ohhh, here’s the @ENGIEgroup case study for @awscloud:


Tweet 33/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

based on this architecture slide, they are using a data lake at the core of their business

there are tons of solutions around @awscloud data lakes. a great starting point is


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nice call out from @biljkai of @ENGIEgroup about how they are using @awscloud only when necessary, scaling up & down smartly to reduce energy consumption and impact

that’s a key part of the sustainability pillar!


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nice customer segment from @ENGIEgroup. reasonable level of technical depth & minimal sales-y-ness for a main keynote

I would love a req that all of these customer stories have a deeper technical dive. you got our attention on the possibilities, follow through!


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@aselipsky back up now, moving to the second section of the data realm: integration


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quick slide of the available tools from @awscloud around data/analytics/ml


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setting up the pain of ETL (extract, transform, load) of data analysis/science

great customer quote about that type of work, β€œ..thankless, unsustainable black hole”



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new service announcement in 3, 2, 1…


Tweet 40/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

curveball…more story πŸ˜„


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needless build up for anyone who’s ever gone anywhere near an ETL challenge at scale.

much needed for ppl who haven’t!


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Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift

  • available in preview
  • this is going to be HUGE


Tweet 43/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

call back from 5m ago, here are the details on the OpenSearch #serverless preview:


Tweet 44/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

back to ETL + data, Apache Spark is 3x faster on @awscloud. a lot of that ties back to the points Peter was making last night

more on that keynote at


Tweet 45/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark

  • available today
  • another removal of barriers between services
  • lots of this is enabled by the @awscloud Global Infrastructure improvements


Tweet 46/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

moving to section 3, governance:


Tweet 47/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

good call out for the issues around #security and internal usability. need to strike the right balance…and yes, it can be done!


Tweet 48/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

governance may sound like a snoozer of a topic, but it’s important to making sure that you reach the ultimate goal of #security:

make sure that what you build does what you intend, and ONLY what you intend


Tweet 49/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


Amazon DataZone

  • a data management service to catalog, discover, share, and govern data
  • coming soon


Tweet 50/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

DataZone has APIs to enable integrations with 3rd party services and (hopefully) to automate some key pieces


Tweet 51/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

into the 4th section: insights


Tweet 52/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

shout out for my favourite @awscloud service: QuickSight!

they’ve launched a bunch of new features in the past few days


Tweet 53/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


ML-powered forecasting with Q

  • available today
  • just ask and Q will forecast out based on your data


Tweet 54/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


β€œWhy” questions with Q

  • available today
  • literally ask β€œwhy” and Q will help bubble up the data that explains changes in trends
  • probably more important that the ML-powered forecasting


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@aselipsky summarizes the data story

tl:dr > data is critical to your business. you need modern tools to acquire, generate, manage, analyze, and act on it. @awscloud continues to roll out new features/services to help with it all


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we’ve flipped 180Β° and are heading straight down now. talking about oceans. not sure where this one is going...


Tweet 57/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@aselipsky walking through the innovations made to help humans explore the oceans

in case you didn’t know, we can’t go very deep on our own. lots of deep sea thrillers have drilled that point home for me 🀣


Tweet 58/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

tools like sonar have given humans the confidence to explore


Tweet 59/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

which is the statement @aselipsky uses to bridge to a #security push?


Tweet 60/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@aselipsky calls out (rightly) that the #security bar @awscloud sets is a key reason for their success

not sure why/how we pivoted from space > oceans > security, but given my focus, I’m happy to any main stage talk about about security!


Tweet 61/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

in case you were wondering (hopefully you weren’t), #security is another one of the pillars of the @awscloud Well-Architected Framework

more on that at:


Tweet 62/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

a quick overview of some of the @AWSSecurityInfo services on offer


Tweet 63/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

I know @aselipsky is talking about Amazon GuardDuty right now. but did you know that Amazon Inspector launch support for @awscloud Lambda last night?!?!

I haven’t jumped in yet, but there are details at


Tweet 64/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

Tweet 65/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


Amazon GuardDuty added container runtime thread detection

  • coming soon


Tweet 66/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more on GuardDuty in general:


Tweet 67/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

nice shout out for the @awsmarketplace. here’s the direct link to the #security section:

tons of great solutions there


Tweet 68/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

to manage the data (nice callback there), @awscloud helped found the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF)



Tweet 69/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


Amazon Security Lake

  • automatically collect, combine, and analyze security data
  • based on OCSF πŸ‘†
  • preview soon


Tweet 70/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

❀️ the data sources right out of the gate:
  • VPC flow logs
  • CloudTrail logs
  • Route53
  • GuardDuty
  • IAM Access Analyzer
  • key APN partners

…then analyze with the @awscloud tools like Athena + QuickSight


Tweet 71/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

this is big @AWSSecurityInfo! blog post soon?


Tweet 72/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

also, too many of you are sleeping on the data lake + QuickSight combo. it’s crazy powerful


Tweet 73/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

on to Antarctica now...

got it now, @aselipsky is using exploration of extreme environments to show how data and the right tools have made advancements possible

…took me a few, I’ve only had 1 tea so far today β˜•


Tweet 74/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

in these extreme environments, β€œGood enough simply isn’t good enough”


Tweet 75/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

see, Holger got it faster than I did 🀣


Tweet 76/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

some key customer examples for deep long term investments paying off


Tweet 77/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

um, at some point, maybe we need a different way of selecting resources?


Tweet 78/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@aselipsky is now talking about key @awscloud hardware innovations, especially silicon
  • AWS Nitro
  • Graviton3


Tweet 79/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more on Nitro:

( be sure to watch the talk on that page )


Tweet 80/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more on Graviton:


Tweet 81/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start



Tweet 82/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

on to machine learning 🧠 now. recap of some of what Peter covered last night


Tweet 83/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

tl:dr > custom silicon and network improvements have made machine learning more performant

combine it with @awscloud SageMaker and almost anyone can take advantage of these approaches


Tweet 84/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more 🧠🧠🧠!


Tweet 85/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

while @aselipsky is queueing up HPC solutions and advancements, here’s the @AWSSecurityInfo post on the new Amazon Security Lake:


Tweet 86/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

back to keynote, HPC workloads are where a lot of things break. they need a ton of different performance and compsci advancements

more on building these workloads in the High Performance Computing Lens for the AWS Well-Architected Framework:


Tweet 87/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more HPC-specific instances for help πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€


Tweet 88/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

next customer up now...


Tweet 89/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@NeikeCedrik from @Siemens. Cedrik is starting with space tourism


Tweet 90/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

the right tooling and data has enabled this type of solution. simple wasn’t possible before


Tweet 91/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

Cedrik pivoting to the core of why he’s on stage right now.

@Siemens is one of those companies that has a tech everywhere. lots of critical components of the modern world come from their innovations


Tweet 92/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

key push for @Siemens: dream it ♾️ make it

…but sustainably. ❀️ the focus on sustainability


Tweet 93/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

the collab between @awscloud and @Siemens is making key industrial software available to everyone


Tweet 94/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

surprising no one (hopefully at this point), OT [ operational technologies ] produce a ton of data too

you need to be able to ingest, analyze, and draw insights from it in order to innovate


Tweet 95/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

keynote #protip: select a tea that holds up when cold. you’re going to forget to drink it while it’s hot because there is just too much cool new stuff!


Tweet 96/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

call back, more details on the new Amazon EC2 Inf2 instances (now in preview):


Tweet 97/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

hadn’t heard of @Mendix before. seems interesting. check it out at


Tweet 98/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

nice summary from @NeikeCedrik from @Siemens


Tweet 99/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

btw, @awscloud has a no-code/low-code offer as well. Honeycode has a very different focus thank Mendix but is probably more broadly applicable

if you need a custom business app, start here:


Tweet 100/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

..and if Honeycode doesn’t provide enough for you, move to @AWSAmplify Studio. more on that at

Amplify Studio is well worth digging into…after this week πŸ˜‰


Tweet 101/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@aselipsky is on to simulations and the challenges around modelling


Tweet 102/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

shock: scale and data are problems here too!



Tweet 103/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


@awscloud SimSpace Weaver

  • run massive spatial simulations without managing infrastructure
  • available today
  • lets engineers focus on the problem


Tweet 104/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

this is a great time to remind you all that not all @awscloud services are targeted at you

HOWEVER, you can almost always learn something from the use cases and solutions that IS applicable to what you’re working on


Tweet 105/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

β€œAll you extremes” leads into @aselipsky conclusion for this keynote


Tweet 106/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

..but we’re taking a detour into the world of imagination first!


Tweet 107/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

🎨 🧠


Tweet 108/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

imagination removes constraints


Tweet 109/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

another shout out for Rings of Power

watch (later) at:


Tweet 110/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


Tweet 111/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

technology is enabling some interesting collaboration around how we explore our imaginations


Tweet 112/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

key aspects of imagination


Tweet 113/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

I did not think this was going to pivot into call centres 🀦


Tweet 114/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

very confident that @QuinnyPig’s thread has a comment along the lines of β€œCall centres, where imagination goes to β˜ οΈβ€


Tweet 115/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

new stuff for Amazon Connect. not what I would link to imagination but hugely helpful for customers in this space

thus the cheers from the crowd…or product team plant? πŸ˜‰


Tweet 116/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

now talking about supply chain complexity


Tweet 117/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


AWS Supply Chain

  • cloud application that improves supply chain visibility and provides actionable insights
  • in preview


Tweet 118/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

oddly enough (for a @AWSEvents keynote), this is first demo of any kind for this session


Tweet 119/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

key term: β€œNo up front licensing”


Tweet 120/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

call back, more on AWS SimSpace Weaver at
  • still not part of the Sim series of games πŸ˜”


Tweet 121/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


AWS Clean Rooms

  • analyze and collaborate on datasets with business partners without revealing the underlying data
  • preview coming soon


Tweet 122/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

very curious about this one. feels like (only feels, no blog post up yet) this automates & simplifies a lot of the things that customers were having to build by hand…and lots of mistakes have been made given the complexities

this sounds like a very welcome new offer


Tweet 123/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

another thing we need more info on, Identity Resolution


Tweet 124/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

next customer speaker up now, Liz Homans from Lyell


Tweet 125/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

topic is cancer research. tough topic, but one where data makes a massive impact on healthcare outcomes


Tweet 126/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

more on Lyell at


Tweet 127/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

Tweet 128/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

the advancements in biotech in the past decade is mind-blowing. tons of amazing things happening and a lot of tech powering it all


Tweet 129/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

lots of complexity in the process/workflow. this is a concrete example of how data and tooling make a real business (and healthcare) impact


Tweet 130/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

btw, a huge part of bio research is based on shared data. if you weren’t already aware, @awscloud hosts a registry of open data

amazing resources up at


Tweet 131/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

πŸ’― @IanMmmm. we need more stories like this. even when the results aren’t raging successes…though this one is trend up and super promising


Tweet 132/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

remember, it’s not just the tech but how you use it. great call out from Tim here:


Tweet 133/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

inspiring talk from Liz. awesome to see the medical advancements and research


Tweet 134/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@aselipsky back up calling out some of the @awscloud health offerings

more details at:


Tweet 135/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start



Tweet 136/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start


Amazon Omics

  • store, query, analyze, and generate insights from genomic and other comics data


Tweet 137/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

hopefully they talked to Lynn Langit when building this out. see some of Lynn’s work at

she’s done a ton of amazing work helping make biotech/bio-research more accessible in the cloud


Tweet 138/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

pivoting to retail now, β€œJust Walk Out” technology by Amazon


Tweet 139/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

I tried this once. it worked like a charm and freaked me out!

amazing set of technologies


Tweet 140/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

hmmm, β€œAmazon One”


  • will reserve judgement


Tweet 141/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

Tweet 142/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

@aselipsky wrapping things up now…

hitting on the transformation theme. how @awscloud enables innovation & change through technology & helping you change how you use it all


Tweet 143/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

solid keynote from @aselipsky

lots of announcements, cool stories, interesting themes

that should get your 🧠 moving to start the day!


Tweet 144/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

remember to give yourselves time to move from session to session, especially from property to property. it always takes longer that you expect

more tips in my #reinvent guide at

Tweet 145/145 πŸ‘‡ Next tweet πŸ‘† Start

…now off to code/explore the new features and services!


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