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Google Cleans Up Google Cloud Development

Google Cleans Up Google Cloud Development

Google Cloud recently cleaned up both the CLIs and SDKs for building in the Google Cloud. More in this Twitter thread ๐Ÿ‘‡.

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a nice move by @googlecloud recently. they've cleaned up the already great developer experience

the moves are summed up in this post

some thoughts ๐Ÿ‘‡

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@googlecloud these changes are non-breaking. that SHOULD be the standard when dealing with APIs and SDKs but, sadly, it isn't everywhere

nice to see @googlecloud setting an example here

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@googlecloud all of the individual CLIs are now the "Google Cloud CLI"

this is an umbrella project that includes:

  • gcloud (pretty much everything)
  • bg (BigQuery)
  • gsutil (Cloud Storage)
  • kubectl (Kubernetes)

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@googlecloud you can get these CLIs and the SDK on any platform you can image. from Linux, macOS, Windows, Docker, native package, or just use Cloud Shell

honestly, start in Cloud Shell. it’s a super slick experience

more at

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@googlecloud the @googlecloud team has streamlined the SDKs. they're now aligned around programming langauge, aiming for a "here's everything you need for programming in X"

overall, it’s a nice clean up for an already straightforward way of building in the cloud

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