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Twitter To Add Edit Button...Finally

Twitter To Add Edit Button...Finally

I spoke with Robyn Bresnahan on CBC Ottawa Morning on 07-Apr-2022 about the announcement and it’s implications. Have a listen 👇

In Development

This statement from Twitter comes as no surprise. Shock is probably a better word. The “edit” button has long been requested with many rumours swirling about it.

While it feels like a simple change, behind the scenes there’s a ton of engineering work that needs to be done. Twitter was designed as a write once, read many system. Changing that fundamental truth won’t be easy.

It’s like building a one story house and then deciding you actually want a two story home. It’s possible, but takes a lot of time and work to do properly.

So Twitter can make this change but it’ll take time…and has taken a long time.


In addition to the engineering challenges, there are safety and misinformation concerns. Lots of them.

This thread 👆 from Jay Sullivan dives into some of the issues in this thread.

Think of it this way. Without safeguards, if a country’s leader replies to a tweet with, “I agree with this” and then the original tweet is edited to something completely different, misinformation will spread. Yes, corrections can be made but corrections rarely get the same attention as the original.

This is why Twitter is working on and discussing what safeguards to add. A “blank cheque” edit just won’t work. It would upend what little credibility is left in the Twitterverse.

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