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AWS Summit San Francisco 2014

As AWS opened their summit series for 2014, 5000+ people packed into the Moscone Center. There was a ton of energy in the air and I got to talk about updating security operations for the cloud.

AWS Summit San Francisco 2014

In San Francisco last week, AWS opened their summit series for 2014. 5000+ people packed into the Moscone Center, and there was a ton of energy in the air.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend and to speak. I presented, “Updating Security Operations for the Cloud,” which is the talk I’ve been building up to with posts on incident response, monitoring and forensics.

Development teams and operations groups have come a long way in embracing the cloud. So much so that they’ve got their own portmanteau, “DevOps.” Security must keep pace with the rest of IT as it transitions to the cloud. The traditional view of security teams is that we slow things down or block them outright.

This talk highlights the numerous advantages to security as the business moves to the cloud.

I’m hoping that it will help security teams realize that the move to the cloud presents a fantastic opportunity. If we embrace this change, we can shift the perception of our role with the IT organization. Security can truly become an enabler. In fact, if we leverage the features available in the cloud, we can reduce the workload on our security operations teams and improve our security posture in one fell swoop.

AWS was kind enough to post a recording of the talk on their YouTube channel . I’ve embedded it below. Please let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter (where I’m @marknca).

There is so much to do at one of these summits that it’s hard to pick what to focus on. Trend Micro had a large presence on the floor which meant there were a lot of great conversations with our clients. I popped into the booth for a while but also took the opportunity to walk the expo floor.

Having been to a few summits and other AWS events, you start to recognize the key players in the partner ecosystem. It was nice to catch up with some friends and see how things are progressing (in general: quickly & awesomely).

In addition to catching up with other partners and clients, I had the chance to sit down with Jeff Frisk in theCube . You can view the full interview below or read the summary that Valentina Craft was kind enough to write up.

San Francisco was the first of 14 summits globally this year. If you’re anywhere close to one of these events, I strongly recommend taking one in. They’re high value and—best of all—free, so there’s really no excuse!

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