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Ethics Statement

I think it’s important to be open and transparent in your thinking as well as your connections. Everyone has biases and while I do my best to stay objective on the technologies issues I comment on, I’m still human.

Here are my connections and potential influences…

My full-time employer is Amazon, where I’m a Principal focusing on security. This role has a broad set of responsibilities internally and an active external component. When working publicly, my job is to help educate the community about issues in modern technology development, security, and privacy.

You can see a full employment history on LinkedIn if you’re curious about my previous employment.

In addition to my work for Amazon, I also was a paid instructor at Pluralsight. Both directly for Pluralsight and for A Cloud Guru before they were acquired. This work is winding down. My courses have either been retired or are in the queue to have another instructor take over. I did publish a course previously for O’Reilly but that course has since been retired.

I was also a freelance contributor to CBC Radio for the last four years. I was the technology columnist for CBC Ottawa Morning and often appeared on other radio and TV programs providing opinions of technology issues. As a Canadian, I already had a soft spot for CBC, more so after working with them for years.

Financially, beyond the broad strokes of risk tolerance, any investments I have are directed by a financial manager. I don’t make direct stock investments beyond any current employment benefits.

Hopefully that helps clear things up. As I said, I try to be objective in my opinions but just like everyone else, I’ve got my own set of biases and influences.

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