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Respect in Security

Respect in Security

A fantastic team of people have launched a much needed campaign called, “Respect in Security.”

The premise is simple, we need to treat those around us with respect.

The initiative is targeted at getting corporation to pledge their support to promote and maintain a respectful environment. At launch, 13 corporate partners have already made their commitments. That’s an excellent start.

Individuals also have a role to play. We make the community around us. That includes how we treat people and calling out negative behaviours where and we see them. Intolerance and disrespectful behaviour cannot stand the light.

This is an effort that directly aligns with how I view things. I always strive to be respectful in everything that I do. If I’m not, I want you to call me out on it.

For my own commitment, I’ll repeat the pledge for individuals here…

If you are experiencing harrassment or abuse and need help, Respect in Security has a list of resources available on their site. Expect this list to grow as the movement does.

I encourage you to take the pledge as well and to support the movement. We need to do better in our community and we can do better if we all work together.

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