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How your cloud security practice can support teams working at wildly different maturity levels

Your centralized security needs to support a variety of teams building in the cloud…and they all have differing levels of maturity.

The top challenge for your cloud security practice isn’t what you think

For stronger security, stop focusing on cybercriminals and pay attention to how your teams are building in the cloud.

The future of security means focusing on people

AWS re:Inforce brought the people side of security into sharp focus.

A short pause along the path to celebrate being on the Forbes Cloud 100

Lacework gets named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list for 2022.

Sleeping through AWS Cloud compliance meetings? You are not alone

Compliance is a snoozer of a topic. It shouldn’t be.

My hope for the AWS re:Inforce 2022 keynote

The keynote at AWS re:Inforce will send a strong message about security. Here’s what I want to hear from AWS.

The types of sessions at an AWS conference and why they matter

AWS uses a very specific session structure for their events. Here is the key to understand the differences.

What is visibility and why it’s important to cloud security

Visibility is often cited as the top requirement for any cloud security practice…but what is it exactly?

Security is one pillar of building in the cloud, not the only one

Too often security is a singular focus or area of responsibility. It doesn’t work like that. Security is part of a bigger whole.

Four tips for attending RSA Conference 2022

The RSA Conference is jam packed with great content. Here’s how you can get the most from your week in San Francisco.

Balancing small team demands with the need for cloud visibility

The Shared Responsibility Model provides the roadmap for cloud success. Here’s how to use the model to your advantage.

Using machine learning to solve your business problems

Machine Learning is a valuable and useful tool…when used correctly. Hear from one of the best how to do just that.

Heightened cyber threats have everyone on edge, what do you need to know?

With cybercriminals becoming bolder, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing more big name breaches.

Why visibility and permissions are key to Kubernetes security

Kubernetes is challenging to configure and maintain on the best of days. Here’s where to focus your security efforts.

Evaluate your cybersecurity posture for Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is upon us once again, here’s an interesting discussion around key privacy topics and how they might impact you.

What the Cloud? DevOps and DevSecOps Explained

DevOps and DevSecOps are terms that are thrown around a lot. What do they really mean?

The Shared Responsibility Model

Everything in the cloud works on a shared responsibility model. Here’s how it works.

How To Get a Handle on the Log4j Issue in Your Environment

Log4j is hiding in a number of your systems. Here’s help to plan out your response.

What Does 2022 Hold For Your Cloud Security Practice?

No one can predict the future. Here’s what the data shows will be trending in cloud security in 2022.

What AWS re:Invent 2021 Means For The Future of Cloud Computing

Every year AWS sets the tone for all of cloud at AWS re:Invent. Here’s what you can expect in cloud computing for 2022.

CNAPP, CSPM, CWPP, C…What’s the Difference and How Can They Improve My Cloud Security?

There are a lot of acronyms related to cloud security. What do they mean and can they help you?

AWS re:Inforce 2021 Key Takeaways

AWS re:Inforce returns in person and provides a deeper look into how AWS views security.

A New Hope for Critical Infrastructure

The US government takes steps to codify cybersecurity requirements for critical infrastructre.

Agent vs Agentless Security: Which One Is Better?

Are security agent programs bad? Don’t even answer, that’s a ridiculous question.