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What You Need To Know About the Colonial Pipeline Attack

Colonial Pipeline is recovering from a ransomware cyberattack. There’s a ton of attention on them right now, what do you need to know about this issue?

Building On Fragile Layers

Nothing is built in isolation. Each technology builds on layers and layers of technology before it. But are those layers worth building on? Can they support the weight of new ideas? How do you account for issues in layers you don’ t control? We’re seeing the negative consequences more and more in the IIoT / OT world…

The Cybersecurity Paradox in Operational Technologies

This deep techincal dive in the cybersecurity of operational technologies (OT) focuses on the dramatic timing disconnect. Physical technology is often bought to last for years and years, digitally focused tech is designed to be updated constantly and replaced quickly. That’s problem in today’s hostile internet.

Organizational Design and OT Risk

Sometimes the digital world has an impact on the real world…and it’s not always a positive one.

Rogue Robots

“Smart” object are all the rage in our home lives. In the industrial world, operational technologies (OT) has becoming increasingly more connected. That evolution has focused on physical safey, not cyber safety and that’s leading to some significant challenges now that everything is online.