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NFTs, Web3, and The Blockchain Have Their Place…Maybe

Are NFTs, Web3, and Blockchains useful? Or just hype?

Hype & Money Are Testing The Idea of NFTs

Too much hype and money make NFTs a risky bet right now.

Why Multi-Factor Authentication Is Critical To Stopping Hackers From Getting Into Your Accounts

Two minutes of work can stop hackers in cold in their tracks.

What Is A Bug Bounty And Why Are They Important?

Bug bounties help bridge the gap between security researchers and companies.

A 326 Million Dollar Smart Contract Bug

The risks of smart contract bugs are quickly becoming apparently. They can cost millions.

Why Do Amazon S3 Data Breaches Keep Happening?

Misconfigurations in Amazon S3 keep happening. Here’s why and how to stop them.

Can You Own A Colour? Can You Try?

The NFT/Web3 world certain is the wild west…and some projects are way, way more wild.

The Number One Problem With Web3 Smart Contracts

If you can’t read the code in a Web3 contract, do you really know what it’s going to do?

Is A Bug In A Web3 Smart Contract Part of the Contract?

If a smart contract works as coded and the code is wrong, is the contract valid?

When Is a Hacker Not a Hacker?

Anytime there’s a security issue, someone gets labelled a hacker. Is that the right term?

If Apple’s FaceID Works With Masks On, Will That Reduce Your Security?

😷📲 …finally

Why You Should Build Less, Not More

Just because you can solve a problem, doesn’t mean you should.

An Uncomfortable Admission On Work

Good enough sometimes is.

Is Digital Privacy Important?

Digital privacy is critical in our communities. Why don’t we have it?

How To Explain Complex Technology Topics To A Broad Audience

Here are the steps I use to break down technology topics for a wider audience.

Risk Analysis (And Essays) Shouldn’t End in “Um”

“Um” is not a great call to action, but sometimes it’s all you’ve got.

How Can You Figure out How Likely an App Is to Have Security Problems?

Can you—as a user—understand an app or service’s security posture? If so, how?

How The App Privacy Card in the Apple App Store Matters To You

What steps should we take to evaluate the privacy impact of a mobile app?

Do You Care About Data Privacy? Does Anyone?

Data Privacy Day is January 28th, can we raise awareness about the issues around data privacy effectively? Will you take action?

Encryption Is Good For You and Your Community

Should be able to encrypt your communications? The debate is on…again

Would You Put Your Security in the Hands of a Guess?

A lot of risk decisions are made in the dark…why?

What Is Risk?

How do we respond to risk? Do we have the data we need to make an informed decision?

Security Challenges With NFTs

NFTs are digital assets. That means there are cybersecurity concerns with them too.

You Just Bought An NFT, What Did You Actually Buy?

NFTs are all the rage right now. Make sure you understand what they are before diving in.

What Are Blockchain, Web3, and NFTs?

The hype around these terms is muddying the waters. What exactly are NFTs, blockchains, and Web3?

Meeting Goals With Feedback Loops

There are a ton of frameworks out there for building solutions but I think conceptually, it really boils down to goals and feedback loops

Your Goal In Building Something With Technology

It’s exciting building solutions with the latest frameworks and technology. Is that the best route to meet our goals? What ARE our goals?

Digital Privacy Is All About Choice

When we talk about privacy, what are we really talking about? The formal definition of privacy is definitely outdated. What would a good definition be?

Stop Focusing on Stopping Hackers and Cybercriminals

If the goal of cybersecurity is to make sure that the system you are building works as intended and only as intended, what about stopping hackers?

Why Aren’t Security and Privacy Part of the Foundation of Technology?

Security and privacy are inextricably linked. Why aren’t they at the core of all technology?