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The Unicorn Project Through a Security Lens

The Unicorn Project is the latest book from Gene Kim, one of the leaders of the DevOps movement. The book focuses on developer enablement and culture. What does this have to do with cloud security? Everything.

The cloud is an amplifier. It lets teams do more with less. This innovative and fast-paced approach creates a mountain of security …

Risk Decisions in an Imperfect World

Security is often spoken of in absolutes. Is this secure? Is that insecure? The reality is that security is a spectrum. It is a series of implicit and explicit decisions made to meet the business needs within an acceptable risk tolerance.

What is an acceptable risk? How can you determine what threats pose a risk to your work? How likely are those …

Strong Security Made Simple

Organizations struggle with extending their security practices to the cloud. Traditional approaches don’t work, and new cloud-only practices duplicate work for an already overtaxed team. The goal of cybersecurity is simple: to ensure that what you build works as intended and only as intended. This session teaches you how the AWS Cloud Adoption …

When Cyber Attacks

Technology is omnipresent in our lives. From the time you wake up and check the weather to the time your head hits the pillow, you will have spent at least a quarter of your day interacting with technology. In this talk, Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president of Cloud Research of Trend Micro, will navigate you through your average 24 hours and uncover …

The Sky Is Falling Run

Cybersecurity is topic that comes up regularly as something you have to do…or should do…or are forced to look at by your security team. But why? There have been reports of serverless threats. Rumours of traditional security issues that should keep you up at night. Is any of it real?

When new technologies are adopted, cybersecurity implementations …

Advanced Security Automation Made Simple

Security is often misunderstood and addressed in the last stages of a build. Operationally, it’s ignored until there is an emergency. In this talk, we review several advanced security processes and discuss how too easily automate them using common tools in the AWS Cloud.

This approach helps you and your team increase the security of your build …

Are We Setup to Fail?

Criminals are winning the battle against security practitioners. Need proof? Look no further than the new headlines in any given week.

Billions of dollars are being spent on the latest and “greatest” tools, and millions of people hours are being exhausted in the defence of our data. Yet with all this effort, it remains trivially easy for most …

Security in Devops

The DevOps movement is the single biggest opportunity security teams have had in a long time. The goal of DevOps is speed and innovation. That goal can be achieved with systems and automation: why not fully integrate security at the same time for a win-win?

The Cybersecurity Paradox in Operational Technologies

This deep techincal dive in the cybersecurity of operational technologies (OT) focuses on the dramatic timing disconnect. Physical technology is often bought to last for years and years, digitally focused tech is designed to be updated constantly and replaced quickly. That’s problem in today’s hostile internet.

Rogue Robots

“Smart” object are all the rage in our home lives. In the industrial world, operational technologies (OT) has becoming increasingly more connected. That evolution has focused on physical safey, not cyber safety and that’s leading to some significant challenges now that everything is online.