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New Ransomware Resources For Defenders

Two new resources launched to help people understand the challenges associated with ransomware. collects resources for individuals and business trying to prevent ransomware and those impacted by an attack. tracks payments made to ransomware cryptocurrency wallets.

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Two new ransomware resource websites launched recently to help people understand that the scale and the scope of ransomware, the first site is an effort by the US federal government.

[00:00:09] It’s billed as a new site, but it’s really just a collection of existing federal government resources that were previously really hard to find.

Having them all in one place is handy and it should help us businesses, especially smaller ones, who are looking to prevent an attack or recovery.

The second site is much more interesting.

[00:00:24] was launched by the Krebs Stamos Group and it aims to track ransomware payments.

It’s an open crowdsourced effort that provides a valuable dataset for defenders and legislators.

This will help quantify the scale of the problem.

And since it’s launched, it’s already tracking $92 million in payments across several ransomware families.

These resources are a great sign that organizations are trying to work together to help put a stop to ransomware.